How to Reverse Arthritis with Dr. Barbara Allan

by Joanne

in Arthritis

When Barbara was 25 years old, she developed reactive arthritis following a bout of food poisoning. The symptoms were so severe that she was in constant, extreme pain. The doctors assured her that reactive arthritis is short-lived and would soon resolve, but Barbara suffered for years. Conventional medicine’s only answer was drugs that did little to relieve her pain and nothing to reverse the arthritis.

Barbara then started searching out the medical literature to find out what was causing her arthritis. She has written the book Conquering Arthritis, which includes the steps she took to heal her reactive arthritis but found that these steps are equally effective in reversing other forms of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis.

Barbara discusses:

  • How she developed debilitating arthritis
  • The process she went through to find the cause
  • The different forms of arthritis
  • Natural means of reversing inflammation
  • Alternative treatments that are promoted but may actually be harmful
  • The four classes of drugs for treating arthritis and their effects
  • How leaky gut is tied to arthritic inflammation
  • Emotions and personality traits that commonly contribute to this disease
  • Uncommon triggers that can sabotage your efforts to heal
  • Steps you can take to reverse arthritis and live pain free

Barbara’s protocol for healing is not only helpful for arthritis but for a vast number of inflammatory diseases. Her process is even helpful for giving athletes a competitive edge.

Total time: 37 minutes.


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At age 25 Barbara Allan developed a severe autoimmune arthritis, similar to rheumatoid arthritis, that eventually forced her to use an electric cart to get around. At the time she was a PhD student studying molecular biology at Washington University in St. Louis, one of the premier medical research institutions in the world. She made it her life’s mission to find a cure for her arthritis. It took her 11 years, but now she is totally arthritis-free. She is author of the book Conquering Arthritis, and now coaches others on how to use these same methods to heal their own arthritis. For more info visit Conquering Arthritis and Lasting Arthritis Relief.

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