Who Owns Your Body? Constitutional Rights Vs. Privileges

by Joanne

in Food Politics

The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not grant us rights. They were written to enumerate our inherent, god-given rights and to restrict the government’s abridgment of those rights. But if you do not know your rights, you are prey to those who would take advantage of your ignorance to control and extract money from you.

For example, driving a car is a right: the right to travel public highways. This right has been upheld numerous times by the courts. A driver’s license is a “privilege” given to people who drive vehicles, but “vehicle” is a term of commerce. Therefore, you need a driver’s license to operate a vehicle on public highways for commercial purposes.

As a private citizen, a driver’s license is not required. The state cannot make driving a privilege by forcing you to obtain a driver’s license unless you consent. When you sign the application for a driver’s license, you are in effect agreeing to their terms. You are binding yourself to a legal contract.

You have a right to life and therefore a right to protect that life. The Second Amendment says you have a right to bear arms. But the government wants to control that ability by saying what type of weapon you can own. You must also request a permit to carry concealed weapons. A growing sector of society is denied the right to own weapons. These requirements are Constitutional violations. The government continues to try to take away our right to bear arms, because an unarmed populace is much easier to control.

The government says you do not have a right to sell raw milk in most states. The FDA states you do not have a right to choose the foods you want to eat. They believe they have the authority to tell you what you can eat.

And the government taxes our income illegally under an unratified 16th Amendment to pay its debt to a private bank from which it borrowed money, aka the Federal Reserve. Such governmental abuses are exactly why the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written and adopted.

The states do not want you to know that you have a right to reject vaccinations. So they make vaccinations mandatory before accepting your children in school. They rarely tell you that you can sign a religious exemption form. You give up your rights because of ignorance.

I hear many people saying they have a right to free or low-cost health care, and they want the government to ensure they get this right. They also think they have a right to health. These are not rights. You are not guaranteed health. You earn it.

Shouldn’t you be able to decide how you want to heal your body? Instead, we have a government that has outlawed tryptophan, raw milk, raw almonds, B17, alternative cancer treatments, etc. We have agencies that promote pharmaceutical drugs, chemo, and radiation but want to take away your access to nutritional supplements. You can no longer freely choose which therapy you want to heal yourself. How many doctors have been jailed or lost their licenses because their work was not “approved” by the American Medical Association?

Our system is so ridiculous that toxic, deadly drugs require only a black box warning label but cherry producers may not tell you their cherries are healthy. Sugary breakfast cereals get heart-healthy endorsements, but raw milk is vilified by every government agency. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo team with health agencies to teach you about nutrition.

State health employees and sheriff deputies illegally enter private property to harass farmers and confiscate their property and goods. SWAT teams hold families at gunpoint because they sell raw milk. And Child Protective Services can steal your children. We have stood by silently–wallets opened–taking it with little more effort than sending emails of protest.

The most important question is, Who owns your body? The government? The FDA? The WHO? No. You do. It is your most fundamental property, and rights are always based on property. You should be able to put anything into your body that you want, be it raw milk, alcohol, raw nuts or heroine. But you must also accept the responsibility of this freedom. Don’t ask the government to bail you out of your poor choices.

In this interview, Michael Badnarik, a man who is extremely passionate about the Constitution and freedom for Americans, explains rights vs. privileges and that with rights come responsibilities. True freedom and sovereignty are available only to those who understand their rights and are willing to defend them.

And be sure that when you start standing up for your rights, you will meet with resistance. You may be detained and arrested. You may have your property confiscated. And hardest of all, you may have to grow up. What’s your freedom worth?

Michael has made Chapter 2–Rights vs. Privileges of his book, Good to Be King, available for free.

Total time: 64 minutes.


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Michael BadnarikMichael Badnarik is a constitutional scholar, author and teacher. He’s a long-time Second Amendment and privacy advocate. He helped develop computer programs to simulate nuclear power plants and the Stealth bomber. Michael Badnarik was Libertarian Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 2004, a Libertarian Congressional nominee in 2006, and President of Continental Congress 2009 which met for eleven days in St. Charles, Illinois last November to produce a document called the Articles of Freedom. Michael is the author of Good To Be King and you may visit him at Constitution Preservation.

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“The government continues to try to take away our right to bear arms, because an unarmed populace is much easier to control.”

Correct. It does make it easier to control people when police don’t have to worry about teenagers going on shooting sprees in high schools or teenage gang members killing police offers that try to confiscate their drugs. It’s MUCH better when these people have guns right?


Actually, those are criminals, and they’ll get guns whether they’re legal or not. If they can’t get guns, they’ll kill with some other means if they’re intent on killing.

Take the guns away from the citizens of America and you have a government empowered to enforce whatever rules they want on that populace. Here, read this from Freedom Daily.

Gun-control advocates look at guns only as a means to harm others even though they are more often used to prevent injury. According to a 1995 study entitled “Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun” by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz, published by the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology at Northwestern University School of Law, law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year.

That means that firearms are used 60 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to shoot with criminal intent. Of these defensive shootings, more than 200,000 are by women defending themselves against sexual abuse. About half a million times a year, a citizen carrying a gun away from home uses it in self-defense. Again, according to Kleck amd Gertz, “Citizens shoot and kill more criminals than police do every year [2,819 times versus 303].” Moreover, as George Will pointed out in an article entitled “Are We a Nation of Cowards?” in the November 15, 1993, issue of Newsweek, while police have an error rate of 11 percent when it comes to the accidental shooting of innocent civilians, the armed citizens’ error rate is only 2 percent, making them five times safer than police.

You want to trust the police only with guns? Spend some time on the net searching how many times police have shot our citizens (and our companion animals) without cause. Like the cop in Seattle who shot a pedestrian in the back and killed him because he was walking along whittling on a piece of wood.

Responsible citizens are responsible gun owners, and they should not have to wait the time it takes a police officer to come rescue them in a crisis. They have the right to defend their own lives. And our country should have an armed citizen militia to defend the country in case of military dictatorship, which is pretty much just around the corner when the dollar collapses.


I was very impressed with your article, and especially with much you know about taxes. For years the Government has done its best to confuse people, but obviously their attempts failed with you.

Wish more people knew the truth about what is going on in our country.


Yeah, me too. If people knew what money really was, they’d be furious. Thanks, Larry.


Could you provide more information on the FDA trying to regulate nutritional value and content of your food? Thank you for any help.


@Thomas, I’m not aware of the FDA trying to regulate the nutritional value of food, but they do feel they have the authority to decide what we can consume. Check out Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s article on FDA’s Interstate Raw Milk Ban wherein the FDA claims:

“Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.”


We are all becoming aware of their lies, games, and trickery, that’s why they are trying to force the New World Order.

wbaxley without prejudice

I Like this website as it is in like form as to my progressive state of mind & belief of the preservation of the rights so enumerated in the U.S. Constitutions Bill of Rights. I had the privlidge of meeting Michael Badnarik in Austin TEXAS prior to his seeking candidacy for President. Actually, he chased me down on MoPac because I gave him a thumbs up on his license plate that had a TEXAS flag with the word SOVEREIGN written on it as well. neither of us were driving licensed (at least mine had no registration sticker, I’m not remembering his windsheild) vehicles. The big difference between our vehicles besides the fact that I drove a truck was I had 2 words & 4 numerals painted on my tailgate: WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-207 painted on it in 6″ high letters. Still to this day, I have a strong desire to sit & discuss many matters. If you ever read this Mike, email me. Or if anybody is in contact with him, tell him to contact me via email. Thank you for providing the opportunity to be able to open forum.
With Thanks, William Baxley “Without Prejudice” (Forever & a day)


William, you can contact Michael through the link I provided in his Bio.


This is ecactly what we need to see and know regarding our Rights, apparently Congress and it’s members are threating to abolish the Constitution…why? becasue we have too many rights in there, and they want all rights taken to control us. It is all about CONTROL, the illegal government wants to control us and they don’t even exist, becasue they were dissolved in 1933 after filing Bankruptcy on March 3, 1933 under FDR in the 73rd congress. If people studied the Constitution, they would know a lot of about the the govenment that doesn’t exist and the people could take back their powers and control, The 14th Amendment was created to have us under the STRAWMAN (artificial legal fiction ), debt, so that they can collect on us on all angles, the creation of the Birth Certificate, Social security card, and Marriage license are all about MONEY. The Bible says “For the love of money is the root of all evil,” and the juducial system is very CORRUPTED.

Charles Lamar Wilson

I understand/overstand that I do not ever want to be a Federal citizen. Iam a retired
truck driver,who studies commerce. Out of my sixty eights years on this earth I now
realize that America, as a nation is one big lie. The concept of a ” New World Order ” has
been around for a long time. Possibly over a thousand years. But now we see it in full
force mode. The truth and the trick, in commerce,is that America like all countries, that
have a Central Banks, have been Bankrupted by these banks as a strategy to gain control
over each country where they are located. In America its called the Federal Reserve
Bank, which is owned by the World Bank/Internetional Monetary Fund which is owned
by a group of European Banking families under the control of the Rothschild Banking
cabal. The Rothschilds are worth around five hundred trillion dollars. These bastards
plan to gain control over all the food and water on the planet. If you own the financial
sector of all the countries on planet earth, and you control all of the food and water on the
planet, and you control the educational systems and the mass media, then you have con-
trol of the over the earth. Thats the plan of the NWO and the banks and corporations
that support them. The United Nations is the corporation that they us to implement
their agenda. Which is a reduction in the worlds population by about 80% , so they can
better control their so-called subjects. I thank you for having a site that educates the
people to whats happening. We know that knowledge is power. We as people who love
our planet and the laws of the universe, must continue to educate the people and awaken
those who are asleep. If we do nothing with the knowledge we have attained then we
are no more then cowards. It is said that the best slaves are those who think they are
free. Wake up America ! Please wake up !

Timothy Ramich

You are actually owned by the state. Your wonderful parents likely did not read the fine print when applying for a birth certificate or when giving you a social security number, and they surely didn’t have a lawyer present. Your parents were merely guardians for you appointed by the state. By having you in a hospital and signing a line along the lines of “we are too unfit to deliver this child without the help of the state, here is my child.” You are contracted, FOR LIFE, as government property. It’s why declaring yourself as a sovereign is basically a joke and you cannot, in reality, own anything. People who declare their sovereignty wind up in a gun fight with authorities or locked up in labor camps called prison. The illusion we have called money is also fiat, so you can’t own anything by buying it outright.


Thank you for your comments, Charles and Timothy.

Yes, Timothy, I know some people who have used the law to fight the corruption and ended up being harassed. One fellow drives with sovereign plates and was pulled over in Ohio. He was arrested and grilled by FBI agents because he had a stack of U.S. Constitution booklets in his front seat.

Another fellow with a business was interviewed by the local newspaper about his views and was basically smeared. He lost a lot of business and was continually harassed.

Another man who has been studying the banking industry almost 30 years and teaches people how to fight the banks in court (winning over 400 cases out of around 410) has received death threats if he doesn’t stop.

Sadly, most people have no idea that they’re not really free in this country.

If you want to fight the system, you can do so using the law, but you’d better have a lot of money, because they’ll bury you. The only real way to be free in America is to be free on your own mind.


The best defense against the illusion of the system is awareness. They are able to “own” us because we do not (as a people) know otherwise. Since they dominate the spirit of control, they are able to assert their will. However, if ‘the people’ were to demonstrate a sense of alertness, such as knowing there’s a mugger ten feet behind you, there’s no way they can get us. We have an entire system around us that can be used for good. However, it’s the tyrants that are in control of this system. Therefore, it has been weaponized against us.

In a sense, yes, we are free. But only if we want to be. We can have a government that produces fiat currency, stores with gmo and non-organic food, as well, corner convenience stores with vaccines. The key point is that while the poison is out there, they have convinced (as a whole) that we have no or are not allowed options.

Are we enslaved? Only by con-artists who have convinced us so. The NWO has no power other than what we give it. This is the trick of the Devil. You have to sign and abide by the contract. It’s up to you to tear it up. We can not get out of this as individuals. We must get enough able minded (not just bodied) of the population to turn on the lights to make these rats and roaches scurry back to the cracks and crevices.

As people, we need to recognize our power. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers have wealth but only when we acknowledge it. We are allowing ourselves to be defeated by phantoms. A psych warfare and con-trick being used to rob us of our freedom and destiny. Are we going to continue falling for it? Time will tell.


Let’s get the message out there, but so many people believe and trust in the illegal government and the injustice system which is ruled by the rulers of darkness in high places according to the Word of God, but thanks be unto God who gives us all sufficiency to sustain us in times of need, and know this, that in God’s own appointed time He will wipet the slate clean of these corrupted people, and believe me when I tell you this, there is a special spot in The Lake for them. we also have to come against these magistrates (judges), they have been givetoo much power, and they are not executing righteouse judgment, but then, I don’t expect them too, they are not followingafter God, they are obeying the evil one. They should take the words off the walls in these court-rooms , which says IN GOD WE TRUST, they should put in it’s place: WE OBEY SATAN’S COMMANDS!


I made a few errors but you got the message!


Yo, Delois, last time “god” wiped the slate clean, there was only one guy and his family left.

Or as Jesus put it, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.”

God causes his rain to fall on the just and the unjust. So who are you to decide who should get the rain?


And then there’s this pesky Bible quote:

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. …Romans 13:1-8



Most Christians don’t really understand that passage. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally. It was counterintelligence. Paul knew the Church was being watched closely by the Romans, so he writes a letter, it gets leaked to a Roman soldier, he takes it back to his commander and the Church looks like a bunch of good little citizen sheep. Nothing to fear here! The Romans just assumed that the authorities it was referring to were them. Just like when Jesus was asked about paying taxes… He said, give Caesar what is his. He never explicitly stated to pay your taxes, but the Romans assumed that everything was Caesar’s and Jesus was advocating to pay taxes.

Romans 13:7 says: ” Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.” But, it doesn’t say that you inherently DO owe these things. And it doesn’t tell you how to determine IF you owe these things… Are you a taxpayer? If yes, than you owe taxes. But maybe you’re just an eternal soul and don’t owe taxes, so ultimately, you decide whether or not you are one and if you owe anything. That’s why taxes are self-reported, you claim what you owe. I’ll start paying taxes when they tell me what I owe and prove that I am a taxpayer, assuming I have any liability to begin with.

In Romans 13:10 it says “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” So, even if we are required to submit to the authority literally from the first part of Romans, the only requirement to fulfill this obligation under God is to do no harm to your neighbor. So, as long as I don’t harm anyone else, I am doing right according to God, and therefore I have no reason to fear authority. I also have no reason to accept their authority beyond that which God has established them to do.

And lastly, in Romans 13:11-14, it urges us to wake from our slumber and cast aside the carousing and drunkenness that is our present time and system and clothe ourselves in Christ and not think about the desires of the flesh.

That sounds a lot like today… We got a crazy, overbearing government that has made slaves of us all and we’re starting to wake up and realize that it’s all a lie. And we’re shaking off the drunkenness and the BS and trying to figure out the true and righteous path to follow for our own health and freedom. And for the good of our neighbors. Out of love.


Herb, who decided that the text from Romans 13:1-8 was counter-intelligence whereas the following text was instruction in godliness?

Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery, You shall not kill, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and any other commandment, are summed up in this sentence, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.


Joanne, what I was speaking about is not now, but when the time come that God will execute His Righteous Judgment, and if you look in the Book of Dueteronomy 16:18,19, it refers to the establishing the legal system, however, it is warring the judges and officers to give rightous judgment and not any kind of judgment just to put people in prison, people are already in prison in their mind because they are not totally free from self-destruction and also not to take bribes fo which a lot of these people running this system is doing, and since God is Righetous, if we are to follow Christ, then we should be as right as possible as long as we are in this world, because: there is none righteous, no not one.. Romans 3:10…execpt for Christ. I don’ get into debates about he Bible, that is very sacred.

charles buzbee

Requiring children be vaccinated before enrolling in school is a matter of protecting other children . The FDA doesn’t let us sell uninspected foods and the foods have to be processed before inspection . This is also for our protection . Requiring drivers to be liscensed is supposed to weed out those who shouldn’t drive . However , it’s been turned into a revenue producing loophole instead . I see people out there driving our highways every day who are nearly as dangerous as a gang member with a gun . The only thing that keeps people from getting a liscense is inability to remember the handbook or too many d.u.i. convictions . I have seen , with my own eyes , sheriff’s deputies in uniform using horses and department a.t.v.s to round up cattle belonging to the sheriff that got loose . And yet , we need police . The one thing I agree with 100% is that the government is trying to take away our defensive weapons out of fear . They think they should be afraid because they are screwing up so badly .

Mary grace dela Torre

i read this article and i was amazed by different comments of random people. I want to ask one question in connection to our debate. Every state protect its citizen including in the womb of the mother,and we are in the negative side help me please.


“The government continues to try to take away our right to bear arms, because an unarmed populace is much easier to control.”
Unarmed populace is not much easier to control.. Au Contraire.. If we learn anything from Syria’s Assad is that, give people light weaponry plus a bit of hate and let them kill each other while protecting yourself with super guns you have.!

Make no mistake, if government wanted to take away all guns, they would have done it by now..like everything else you mentioned above.
True, some people would still get it but they will be automatically labeled dangerous and criminal, not just some people orderline who may or not get engaged in crime . Most mass shootings are done using legal guns.
They only take away guns that you can do disruptive harm with but you are free to have guns to injure and kill each other by your own wishes and gun rights. It all depends on our level of collective intelligence. Good luck with that.
The notion of going against government that has armed drones, jets and helicopters etc.. with pee shooters is a dangerous illusion, a death trap.. Leveling the the fire powers on the other hand, even if it was legal; Unaffordable.
Again, Syria uprising must have taught a lesson?
Presence of guns in social level is destabilizing, presents constant danger and fear, is culturally limiting while degrading and has ruined quality of life for all.
Guns are deadly speciality tools. must be reserved for high level, mentally trained, reliable and skillful security operators only.


Just a friendly reminder. As to the statement made about congress and its members threatening our us consttution,the jokes on them! Its not thiers to trample on and do whatever they want. First of all its Our Constitution,yes thats right “We the People “. SECOND,its our local government thirdly its our congress. Thats the otder of things. Do not forget the other two parts of our Framework Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights!!! All this put into place by our Forefathers for such a time as this! The trust of the People. The Declaration of Independence,reminds us that we not only have a God given right but also a duty as Americans to hold our government Accountable. They cannot suspend our own legislatures and declare themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. Unless we let them. “We the People ” owe it to our lord and Savior Jesus Christ,who gives us our inailiable rights as Humans,our children,ourgrandchildren and ourselves to continue to fight for our rights.knowledge is power!! Lets re-educate ourselves with our real historyand research laws that are constitutional not corporate statutes with vested intrest!!


Please understand though that vaccines are important, it’s just science! I’m not at all for telling people what to do, but I think that we should be urging people to choose vaccines rather than forcing them.


Everything else, right on!!!! :)

Randall Krause

I disagree that we own our bodies. If that were true then law enforcement and doctors would not be allowed to incarcerate people who are only a harm to themselves. As it stands, in all 50 states, if a law-abiding adult is a threat to their own safety, then they will be forced to undergo medical treatment, against their will, to “correct” them. That is not indicative of a society in which people have full legal ownership and agency over their own bodies (or minds, for that matter).

The idea that American citizens own their bodies is a myth. Most people just assume it must be so, because they do not dare to to test the system by attempting the ultimate act of suicide.

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