Who Owns Your Body? Constitutional Rights Vs. Privileges

by Joanne

in Food Politics

The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not grant us rights. They were written to enumerate our inherent, god-given rights and to restrict the government’s abridgment of those rights. But if you do not know your rights, you are prey to those who would take advantage of your ignorance to control and extract money from you.

For example, driving a car is a right: the right to travel public highways. This right has been upheld numerous times by the courts. A driver’s license is a “privilege” given to people who drive vehicles, but “vehicle” is a term of commerce. Therefore, you need a driver’s license to operate a vehicle on public highways for commercial purposes.

As a private citizen, a driver’s license is not required. The state cannot make driving a privilege by forcing you to obtain a driver’s license unless you consent. When you sign the application for a driver’s license, you are in effect agreeing to their terms. You are binding yourself to a legal contract.

You have a right to life and therefore a right to protect that life. The Second Amendment says you have a right to bear arms. But the government wants to control that ability by saying what type of weapon you can own. You must also request a permit to carry concealed weapons. A growing sector of society is denied the right to own weapons. These requirements are Constitutional violations. The government continues to try to take away our right to bear arms, because an unarmed populace is much easier to control.

The government says you do not have a right to sell raw milk in most states. The FDA states you do not have a right to choose the foods you want to eat. They believe they have the authority to tell you what you can eat.

And the government taxes our income illegally under an unratified 16th Amendment to pay its debt to a private bank from which it borrowed money, aka the Federal Reserve. Such governmental abuses are exactly why the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written and adopted.

The states do not want you to know that you have a right to reject vaccinations. So they make vaccinations mandatory before accepting your children in school. They rarely tell you that you can sign a religious exemption form. You give up your rights because of ignorance.

I hear many people saying they have a right to free or low-cost health care, and they want the government to ensure they get this right. They also think they have a right to health. These are not rights. You are not guaranteed health. You earn it.

Shouldn’t you be able to decide how you want to heal your body? Instead, we have a government that has outlawed tryptophan, raw milk, raw almonds, B17, alternative cancer treatments, etc. We have agencies that promote pharmaceutical drugs, chemo, and radiation but want to take away your access to nutritional supplements. You can no longer freely choose which therapy you want to heal yourself. How many doctors have been jailed or lost their licenses because their work was not “approved” by the American Medical Association?

Our system is so ridiculous that toxic, deadly drugs require only a black box warning label but cherry producers may not tell you their cherries are healthy. Sugary breakfast cereals get heart-healthy endorsements, but raw milk is vilified by every government agency. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo team with health agencies to teach you about nutrition.

State health employees and sheriff deputies illegally enter private property to harass farmers and confiscate their property and goods. SWAT teams hold families at gunpoint because they sell raw milk. And Child Protective Services can steal your children. We have stood by silently–wallets opened–taking it with little more effort than sending emails of protest.

The most important question is, Who owns your body? The government? The FDA? The WHO? No. You do. It is your most fundamental property, and rights are always based on property. You should be able to put anything into your body that you want, be it raw milk, alcohol, raw nuts or heroine. But you must also accept the responsibility of this freedom. Don’t ask the government to bail you out of your poor choices.

In this interview, Michael Badnarik, a man who is extremely passionate about the Constitution and freedom for Americans, explains rights vs. privileges and that with rights come responsibilities. True freedom and sovereignty are available only to those who understand their rights and are willing to defend them.

And be sure that when you start standing up for your rights, you will meet with resistance. You may be detained and arrested. You may have your property confiscated. And hardest of all, you may have to grow up. What’s your freedom worth?

Michael has made Chapter 2–Rights vs. Privileges of his book, Good to Be King, available for free.

Total time: 64 minutes.


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Michael BadnarikMichael Badnarik is a constitutional scholar, author and teacher. He’s a long-time Second Amendment and privacy advocate. He helped develop computer programs to simulate nuclear power plants and the Stealth bomber. Michael Badnarik was Libertarian Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 2004, a Libertarian Congressional nominee in 2006, and President of Continental Congress 2009 which met for eleven days in St. Charles, Illinois last November to produce a document called the Articles of Freedom. Michael is the author of Good To Be King and you may visit him at Constitution Preservation.

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