Statin Side Effects: Transient Global Amnesia, Muscle Pain, and Premature Aging

by Joanne

in Heart Disease

When Dr. Duane Graveline’s cholesterol reached 270, he was prescribed 10 mg. of a statin called Lipitor, which lowered his cholesterol to 150. He was happy with the results and had full faith that lowering his cholesterol was important. But six weeks after starting Lipitor, his wife found him wandering aimlessly in the front yard. Duane no longer recognized her and didn’t know where he was. He was diagnosed as suffering from transient global amnesia, and doctors assured him that Lipitor had nothing to do with it.

For decades now we’ve had it pounded into us by the medical establishment that high cholesterol causes heart disease, and that cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins can reduce cholesterol and therefore heart disease. Dietitians and the media advise us to avoid healthy foods such as eggs and meat because of their cholesterol content, even though dietary cholesterol has little affect on serum cholesterol.

Cholesterol’s not supposed to be lowered. Cholesterol is a normal thing. Cholesterol is good. Cholesterol’s got nothing to do with atherosclerosis….When you don’t have the amount of cholesterol that you are used to–supposed to have in your body–your brain really has trouble with memory and the whole memory process. — Duane Graveline

Statin sales generate billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry, and they now want to put children on statins prompted by greed and the misguided and deadly belief that cholesterol is harmful. But is it true? And if not, what are the risks of taking statins?

Statins are now known to cause the following problems (among many, but you probably won’t hear it from your doctor):

  • Transient glogal amnesia
  • Muscle pain and loss of balance
  • Fatigue
  • Aggression
  • Paranoia
  • Depression unresponsive to medication
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Violence and homicidal episodes
  • Premature aging

In this interview Duane discusses his two bouts of transient global amnesia as well as neuromuscular degeneration that almost landed him in a wheelchair. All because of statins and the false belief in the dangers of cholesterol. But the effects of statins don’t necessarily go away when you stop taking them, as Duane found out. Fortunately, he was able to reverse much of the damage.

So before you agree to take statins, or if you are currently taking them, please be sure to listen to this interview and other interviews here on the subject of heart health.

Total time: 46 minutes.


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Duane Graveline is a medical doctor and former NASA astronaut famous for being immersed in water for 7 days as part of his zero gravity deconditioning research while a USAF research scientist. Following his experience with statin drug side effects, Duane has become a strong critic of the use of statins to treat high cholesterol levels and through his ongoing research has helped call attention to the lack of any evidence for cholesterol causation for cardiovascular disease, directing attention to inflammation as the fundamental cause, not cholesterol. He has written several books and you can visit Duane at his website

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It’s horrifying that statin drugs continue to be used. I really appreciate what Duane Graveline is doing to educate people about the dangers. Very sad that people are suffering needlessly!


I was just reading reviews on a book that shows people how to lower cholesterol. Apparently, the tips work, but the question is, Should cholesterol be lowered? Well, if you have cholesterol of 500, you’ve got a problem, and it’s not a statin deficiency. Your body needs way more help than a pill can offer.

Yes, Duane’s unfortunate experience with statins is our blessing. It’s because of people like him bucking the system that I am statin-free.

ben nguyen

Would have been nice, if the doctor would have gone into the science on how statins work. Since they are effective at lowering cholesterol, how exactly does it inhibit cholesterol synthesis?

Also, if only 5mg for 8 weeks was enough for his amnesia spell, I would think that this association would be well established and much more prevalent. Even people not taking statin drugs, but who’s diets are high in statin containing foods (oyster mushroom, red yeast rice, pig hearts, etc), I think we would have seen a correlation, to say nothing of causation (mitochondrial dna damage).

I believe cholesterol, like dolichol, increases with age, but I don’t think it’s ‘normal’ like Dr. Duane suggests to just let it be… I eat a low carb diet (<100g/day), don't have hypothyroidism, supplement regularly with vitd3/coq10/vitk2/omega-3s, yet my cholesterol skyrockets without statins/zetia/zocor… should I be 'proud' of a cholesterol of over 400, like the doctor says?!


Hi Ben,

I can’t speak to all of your concerns, but when you say that your cholesterol skyrockets, do you mean that the ratio between HDL and LDL is unfavorable (not just your total cholesterol) and you have other biomarkers that indicate there is a problem? Chris Masterjohn went over proper testing in the interview (link is below) so perhaps you have nothing to be concerned about even if it skyrockets?

William Staton

I had all of the classic muscle pains listed in statin side effects. My doctor said it was because of coQ10 and vitamin D deficiency from the statins. She recommended StatinHelp that is sold on Amazon. It has really helped with the muscle pains. Statin side effects are never really discussed by the doctors. I found out two years into treatment when I mentioned needing something for back and leg pain to her. Thankfully she was a runner who believed in vitamin supplements.

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