Stop Dieting and Lose Weight — Matt Stone’s RRARF Diet

by Joanne

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Today’s food environment is so challenging. What are we supposed to eat? Why do we gain weight and how do we take it off? Science has many answers, but they’re all different. Eat low fat to lose weight. No, reduce carbs to lower insulin and burn fat. Eat a vegetarian diet for optimum health. No, eat grass-fed beef and avoid grains. Nobody agrees! And you can find many studies and professional opinions to back up your favorite paradigm.

Matt Stone has his own theories based on ten years of research in health, nutrition and weight loss, and his advice seems counterintuitive: If you want to lose weight, you must eat a lot of just about everything to heal your metabolism!

Matt calls his diet RRARF, or Rehabilitative Rest and Agressive Re-Feeding, and recommends overeating on all macronutrients for a period of time–a few weeks to a month–while limiting sugars and certain fats. The program is particularly suited to habitual dieters or those who have followed diets limiting certain macronutrients, such as vegan, low-carb or low-fat diets, all practices which Matt thinks contribute to lowered metabolism, fat deposition and other health issues.

The idea is to raise metabolism by flooding your body with calories and nutrients while resting from exercise. Your success is measured by rising basal body temperature. Eventually, your engine will begin running hotter, your muscle mass will increase, your weight set point will lower and you’ll begin burning fat while consuming plentiful foods to satisfy your appetite.

Whether or not you agree with Matt’s ideas, his blog has a large following of people with diverse dietary backgrounds and practices. Matt’s nutritional beliefs are also a work in progress, and he’s not afraid to change his mind. While this may frustrate those looking for nutritional certainty, it does remind us that no one diet works for all and nobody has all the answers.

Trust your body. And avoid dogmatism.

Total time: 64 minutes.


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Matt StoneMatt Stone is an author and independent health researcher and the driving force behind, a site dedicated to helping others boost their metabolism for fat loss, mood enhancement, and improving a myriad of the world’s most common health conditions. Matt is a graduate of the University of Colorado.

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Yes, I love reading Matt’s blog, just to see what new fad he’s interested in at the moment. He changes his diet suggestions as often as the wind. Currently he’s on the eat everything and sugar is good kick. Can’t wait for his all fructose diet, I can see it coming now. LOL.


i never know whether to take him seriously or not. this advice does seem of benefit following a period of dieting or following a vegan diet (wish i’d know about this back when i was vegan), but not sure of it’s applicability otherwise.


Nice to see Matt doing another interview. Always good information especially for those recovering from dieting or diets.

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