Book Review: Fasting and Eating for Health — Joel Fuhrman

by Joanne

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Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease by Joel Fuhrman

How fasting helps reversal of chronic, degenerative diseases

When you’re suffering from a chronic, degenerative disease, and the doctors you trust are recommending drugs or surgery, it’s hard to believe that simply going without food could be of any lasting benefit. This is also compounded by ridicule in medical circles and the media, which mistake fasting for starvation and label it quackery.

Fasting and Eating for Health provides an excellent introduction into the natural hygiene (see History of Natural Hygiene and Principles of Natural Hygiene) view of health through healthy living. Fuhrman explains how health is maintained, how disease occurs, the role of diet, and the physiological effects of fasting. Fuhrman has a solid grounding in natural hygiene as well as knowledge of diagnostics and pathology.

If you are new to fasting and suffer from a chronic, degenerative disease, this is the book you need to read to understand how fasting can help you return to health and how proper eating can help you not only remain healthy but rejuvenate your body, increase your energy and improve your mental functioning.

Several chapters are devoted to explaining how diseases occur and how fasting can reverse headaches, hypoglycemia, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, overweight and other chronic conditions. But fasting isn’t a quick fix. Lifestyle changes must follow to prevent recreating the same diseases.

What this book is not is a detailed treatment of how to conduct or break fasts. The information given is superficial with the caveat that those wishing to fast over three days should do so under the supervision of a qualified fasting practitioner. I discuss the reasons for this in the comment section.

I also do not any longer endorse the vegan dietary model, and Fuhrman is definitely pro-vegan. While I agree that diets high in feedlot beef, confined poultry treated with antibiotics, and farm-raised fish are detrimental, I’ve come to believe that healthy alternatives (e.g., wild game, grassfed beef) are healthful foods to which our species is biologically adapted (see The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat or NeanderThin: Eat Like a Caveman to Achieve a Lean, Strong, Healthy Body for alternative views). If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then Fuhrman’s your guy.

If you’re looking for a book on fasting itself, I highly recommend The Science and Fine Art of Fasting or Fasting for Renewal of Life, both written by Herbert Shelton. As a young, injured man, Furhman fasted under the supervision of Shelton and was so inspired by what he witnessed at Shelton’s school that he later became a doctor. We can thank Shelton that fasting hasn’t been completely buried by the American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical cartel, and we can thank Fuhrman for carrying the torch.

Despite these shortcomings, I still think this is an excellent book that offers hope and a path for those who are ready to take control over their health. We need more doctors like Furhman.

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