What Is Leptin? The Master Hormone That Controls Energy and Weight

by Joanne

in Nutrition and Diets, Weight Loss

If you’re fat, anorexic, or diabetic, if you have low energy, if you have bone loss, if you’re a woman with amenorrhea or problems conceiving, you are probably leptin resistant.

Leptin is the master hormone that controls energy within the body. It is produced by our fat cells and taken up in the hypothalamus. Leptin lets your hypothalamus know how much energy you’ve consumed, and the hypothalamus then controls several other hormones based on leptin’s message. Proper leptin function tells our brain the energy status of our body in real time.

If leptin is off, every single hormonal response of the brain is off… When you’re leptin resistant, it’s like throwing mud on your windshield and driving on the Long Island Expressway. The brain has no way of knowing precisely what is going on in those 20 trillion cells. — Dr. Jack Kruse

Following a torn knee meniscus, Dr. Jack Kruse began studying leptin, spending 18 months and reading 5 to 6,000 articles. Implementing a plan he developed to work with his body’s circadian rhythms, he lost 77 pounds within the first 7 months and 133 pounds after 11 months. According to Jack, obesity is not a macronutrient story but a result of leptin resistance. In this interview he reveals:

  • How leptin plays a critical role in disease, health and wellness
  • Why obesity is an inflammatory brain condition
  • Why calories don’t matter when you’re leptin sensitive
  • How to eat in harmony with circadian rhythms
  • Factors that prevent uptake of leptin in the brain
  • Which fats contribute to leptin resistance
  • How low magnesium affects metabolic derangement
  • The best time of day to exercise
  • Why Michael Phelps can eat 18,000 calories per day and not gain weight
  • The importance of properly functioning uncoupling proteins
  • How low thyroid T3 prevents uncoupling proteins from working
  • How leptin resistance leads to infertility and osteoporosis
  • Why meal timing and composition are important in healing leptin resistance
  • Why you shouldn’t snack after dinner
  • How to become leptin sensitive, lose weight and improve your health

Total time: 105 minutes.


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Dr. Jack KruseDr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon who understands that in order to live pain free, one must take his or her health seriously at every level. His extensive medical training combined with his passion for wellness and nutrition has led to Dr. Kruse’s position as CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company to help people avoid the common healthcare burdens that come with age. Dr. Kruse is also a member of the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG).

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