Lex Rooker Talks About His Raw All-Meat Diet and Relief from Migraines

by Joanne

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When Lex Rooker was young half his thymus gland did not shrink as the doctors wished. So they irradiated it. Lex then developed tumors on his thyroid, and eventually had half his thyroid removed. He then developed cystic acne (which resulted in more radiation treatment) and was plagued with debilitating migraines.

To find relief from the migraines, Lex tried the vegetarian/vegan route espoused by natural hygiene practitioners and underwent a 31-day fast. His health was nearly wrecked, and he took over two years to recover.

Then he stumbled upon the paleolithic diet and began eating meat and fat, eventually adopting an all raw-meat diet. This interview discusses his health problems, his rigid adherence to the recommendations of vegetarians and raw foodists, his current dietary, and the health benefits he has achieved. The interview provides a fascinating look into the changes his body has undergone on a zero-carb diet.


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Lex RookerLex has been on a search for a diet that would help him eliminate his many health problems and particularly debilitating migraines. When vegetarianism and fasting failed him, he came across a book on paleolithic nutrition and began incorporating meat into his diet. Eventually, he adopted an all-meat diet of raw ground beef high in fat. He consumes zero carbs. Today he is free from migraines and his health continues to improve. Lex’s Journal can be found on the Raw Paleolithic Forum.


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Could you please bring Lex back for another interview? He is fascinating, it seems you just got started when you shut the interview down. Its very rare you have someone that journals exactly everything they are doing with their diet. Most diet guru’s dont practice 100% their beliefs or they dont look like they do. Lex actually looks very healthy and young for a 60 year old man.

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